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Customer Story DesleeClama
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Customer Story DesleeClama

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The DesleeClama group is an industrial international company with family roots that was established by Maurice Deslee in 1928. The family aspect is still present in the company but management is assisted by independent directors with years of experience in industrial environments. The product range of Deslee Textiles consists of two product groups, namely Interior Textiles and Bedding Textiles.

The Deslee Textiles group consists of the following companies:

  • Deslee Weaving
  • Deslee Knitting
  • Deslee Design
  • Deslee Iberica (branch in Spain)
  • Deslee USA
  • Deslee Latino-America (Colombia)
The Deslee Textiles group, with headquarters in Vichte, has two product groups and realises a turnover of 53 million euro with 320 employees. Per year it produces around 20,000,000 running metres of fabric for both product groups. Deslee Textiles also has an ultra modern production site in Beselare where the production is integrated vertically from extrusion to finished fabric.

´The Art of Perfection´ became their slogan a few years ago. This one-liner expresses what Deslee Textiles stands for. It also implies that it expects quality and perfection from its software supplier.

Jos Deslee, Joint General Manager: "In 1997 we decided to work with Progress technology. Progress is a very stable database and user-friendly 4GL language that also has a layer of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). We were looking for a new accounting package due to the problems surrounding the year 2000 and the conversion to euros. The first condition was to remain faithful to Progress technology since we have five internal IT employees with experience in developing in this language. Moreover, our time registration system runs on Progress technology. We asked Progress Belgium which ISV partners had a good financial package for our company. One of the proposed companies was CCE with the application LISA Financieel."

Why did we choose CCE and LISA Financieel?

Jos Deslee, Joint General Manager: "In addition to the extensive functionalities that LISA Financieel offers, we were impressed with Geert Claerhout's knowledge of products and markets. ´CCE does what it promises´ and that is not always the case in the software world. Clear agreements were made from the first demo and they were lived up to. Transparency is the key for tenders and contracts. LISA Financieel is very orderly and clearly structured, which is good for the package's user-friendliness. An additional asset of CCE is that features can be developed that suit the customer. Every company has its specific properties. LISA Financieel is more than an accounting package for us; it has become a means of communication throughout the company."

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