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Eurolines is known across Europe as the bus company that offers fixed schedule services to all European countries and North Africa. Eurolines Belgium has diverse branches in Belgium and the headquarters is located in Brussels. Eurolines is one of the largest players in that market segment in Belgium with a turnover of 7.5 million euro and 34 employees.

To support their core activity, Eurolines Belgium looked for a high-quality accounting package during the transition to the euro. Their former financial package no longer satisfied their needs and was not user-friendly enough.

Dominique Delaveux, Financial Manager: "When we were looking for a new accounting package we used Internet search engines to find a software partner. The accounting package needed to include a "bank transfer for customers" module and this led us to the CCE's website. After phoning Geert Claerhout we went to CCE for a demonstration. We quickly signed the contract."

Why did you choose LISA Financieel?

"During the demonstration we quickly had the feeling that LISA Financieel was the right solution for our activities. We made this decision thanks to Geert Claerhout's thorough knowledge of the market and product and the fact that LISA Financieel is a complete, structured and user-friendly package. An additional asset was that LISA Financieel is a multi-language accounting package and you can switch languages in the application without having to close the programme. Eurolines Belgium employs both French and Dutch speakers and it is essential that the application is easy to use and efficient for both types of users."

After implementation at Eurolines Belgium, Eurolines Nederland, with headquarters in Amsterdam, also chose LISA Financieel based on the experiences at Eurolines Belgium.

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