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CCE Protools

CCE has designed its own development environment since its establishment in 1989. First in character mode in host configuration, later in client server mode with a graphic interface. Today it is an object-oriented framework in a 3 layered model. The CCE Protools development environment guarantees professional software and has the following advantages:

  • standardised development
  • short learning curve for developing on your own (5 days of training is sufficient with Progress knowledge)
  • coherent structure of the programs

The CCE Protools development environment is a layer on top of Progress, completely developed in the Progress language, which allows you to develop in the application.



To give you an image of the CCE Protools development environment we cite a few strong points that distinguish us from other market players and that are an important motivation for choosing CCE as your software partner:

  • hybrid configuration
  • uniformity due to templates
  • online multilingual without using a translation manager
  • audit database
  • menus and toolbars and menu generator
  • extensive printer management
  • Is built up dynamically from the database

For more information and the entire CCE Protools story, please contact us.

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