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A success story
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The start-up of LISA Financieel, the beginning of a success story

Claerhout Computer Engineering was established in 1989. Their big breakthrough came three years later when they implemented LISA Financieel for the Albert Frère group. A. Frère requested a completely customised accounting package that included the principle of "individual accounts". This project was ahead of its time due to the rather complex holding structure. Once LISA was up and running at the GBL group, several other holdings switched to our application. All accounting transactions are currently processed via LISA Financieel at the following holdings: GBL, NPM/CNP, Bernheim-Comofi, Befimmo, Belgian Securities, and Pargesa in Switzerland.

This project opened doors for other big companies like the Fabri-group, Imperial Meat Products, &PO Ports (now DP World), etc. With its typical personal and direct approach, CCE has turned out to be a successful SME, “it isn't the size that matters but the contents”! Our organisation can be descried with the following key words:

  • thorough knowledge of the market
  • vision
  • expertise
  • partnership

It was exactly these key elements that convinced Albert Frère to work with CCE for a successful long-term collaboration.

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