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Introduction Products


CCE's product range can be divided into two large groups: the financial application and the full ERP package (this also includes the financial application). All our products are commercialised under the name “LISA” except our Protools development environment. LISA by CCE is mainly aimed at the middle segment of the ERP market, namely medium-sized and large SMEs, and this to guarantee a ROI (return on investment).

Until 10 years ago LISA was known as a sheer financial package, but thanks to our customers the package has become an integrated ERP package

with the following modules: with the following supplementary products:

The modules are constructed modularly but it seem logical that an integrated solution offers the most productive and efficient solution to guarantee an optimal flow of information.

LISA is multi-language (Dutch, French, English & German with expansion to infinitely more languages) and multi-window. It is available in Progress version 10 Open Edge under Client/Server model with a graphic user interface. The package looks and feels completely Windows-based and uses the same function keys, hotkeys, method and visualisation. Because the package is Windows-like, new users adjust quickly. Training is necessary, but users feel at home in a familiar work environment.

All our packages run on market standards such as Unix (HP/UX, AIX, Solaris), Windows, Linux with TCP/IP network software, Terminal Server or Citrix and with Microsoft Office as desktop software. Additionally, we offer interfaces with pre-existing applications that run on an Oracle database or SQL server.

In addition to implementing the financial application or the ERP package we offer our customers the necessary training. CCE has two demonstration rooms with a maximum capacity of 40 people. The training can be aimed at new users, or can be extra training for new features, Progress, etc. We have years of experience and the know-how to teach you how to use our applications flawlessly. CCE organises a workshop every year in which specific items are thoroughly explained and new features are presented. The goal of the workshops goes further than providing product information, it is a unique opportunity to create open dialogue and interactivity between users and developers.

As an additional service, CCE is also responsible for your system management. We employ a team of system engineers that work full-time on the maintenance and updating of systems, servers, etc.

If our standard ERP package does not satisfy your needs then we will develop customised applications. Companies like Galloo, P&O Ports (now DP World), Slachthuizen Goossens, Algist Bruggeman (lab application), etc. have asked CCE to develop customised applications so that their IT fits their sector-specific needs perfectly.

the optimum finance & ERP software
Integrated, completely modular, contemporary & user-friendly accounting package.