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Introduction LISA Finance
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Introduction LISA Finance

LISA Finance is a multifunctional accounting package aimed at medium and large SMEs. During development CCE paid attention to user-friendliness and integration with Windows (completely Windows based, the same hotkeys and function keys, the same look and feel). Like all our applications, LISA Finance was developed in the Progress 4GL environment with GUI interface.

The financial package originates with Albert Frère, who decided to allow CCE to write his financial application in 1991. Our application is currently used by diverse Frère holdings such as NPM/CNP, the GBL group, Bernheim Comofi, and Pargesa in Geneva.

What makes LISA Finance different and more complete than classic general accounting packages?

The answer lies in the principle of the “Individual Accounts”. In our application all general accounts can be defined like the centralisation accounts customers and suppliers where a detail from the centralisation accounts 40xxx and 44xxx are kept with the ticking-off principle. By defining a general account in the account system as an individual account, we turn this general account into a centralisation account from the individual accounts booked in it. If we also define the general account with the ticking-off principle then the general account becomes a classic centralisation account like the customer and suppler account.

Examples of the principle of the individual accounts

LISA Finance is equipped for the IAS/IFRS standard that became applicable on 1 January 2004 for companies quoted on the stock exchange.

In addition to the principle of the individual accounts, there are several features that distinguish LISA Finance from other accounting packages:

  • sectoring (IAS/IFRS standard)
  • security, archiving and logging
  • foreign currency accounting
  • possibility common third parties, accounting plan, … (important for multi-company and inter-company bookings)
  • ticking-off on general accounts
  • consultations general accounts and third parties
  • booking purchases and credit notes
  • financial and diverse operations
  • extra accountable prognosis and work journal
  • VAT, bliw and Intrastat declaration
  • sub-dossier dimension
  • simultaneous booking
  • masks and archiving of balances
  • Coda and Isabel
  • Progress 4GL version 9 GUI

LISA Finance is linked to ACCON Jaarrekening.

The fiscal years and related periods can be determined by the customer in LISA. The advantage is that neither the fiscal years nor the periods must be closed in order to book.

Another item is that all previous fiscal years can be kept online. They can be placed actively or passively, which offers the opportunity to book or confer in these fiscal years. When a booking is made in a previous fiscal year then the current fiscal year is automatically adjusted via a diverse operation.

LISA has classic report programs for printing histories, aging lists, journals, periodic and annual balance sheets, financial documents, selected open posts, periodic and annual VAT listing, Intrastat, etc. The main advantage with LISA is that the reports and print programs work in host/based on the server so the network is not overloaded and you can work much faster.

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