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Reporting - BI
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Would you like to be able to answer every question about your company so that you can make substantiated decisions quickly? See also:
QlikView is...
Lisa QlikView
Seeing is believing

Extensive reporting within Lisa ERP provides lots of information from data sources and can answer the following questions:

   - Which items sell best?
   - How are the sales figures fluctuating?
   - How are diverse acounting balances evolving?

The Business Intelligence tool QlikView enables you to get a step further. With just a few clicks, you can consolidate, search, visualise and analyse various data sources for unprecedented commercial insights that support reactive and proactive decisions.
'Business Intelligence' implies all the techniques to identify, monitor, extract and analyse your corporate data to obtain a better insigth into your company's profits and to support important business decisions. 

In practice, these reporting techniques will occur next to (rather than in) the existing ERP package for two reasons:

- Performance: 
Data analyses or data output  can be taxing and should not influence the speed of data input in the ERP system or vice-versa.

- Users:
Report users often are not familiar with the ERP environment. External packages, specifically aimed at reporting, suit the desires of the end user better.

With QlikView we have the perfect BI tool in house to satisfy your reporting needs.
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