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CCE is HP Preferred Partner

CCE has established a partnership with HP and we are an HP Preferred Partner. We can help you choose the right hardware and we take into account your desires and budget.

What is an HP Preferred Partner?

HP Preferred Partners are certified by HP and HP recommends them to end users because they offer the in-depth knowledge and experience that gives your company the best quality. They are authorised to sell, give advice about and support all HP products and solutions.

What is the customer's advantage?

CCE can offer the same products at even more competitive prices. Moreover, we are now certified by HP directly so we have knowledge of the entire HP range of products. If new products become available, we have a direct line with HP to answer all your questions. No other company has such a complete supply of technology products like HP. It is not surprising that CCE chose HP as its hardware partner.

Can I approach CCE to purchase any HP product?

Yes you can, we are your direct link with HP.
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