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Passive and active websites
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Completely customised, professional website

alt Your website is a professional place where visitors quickly find information and that incites coversion. we distinguish between passive and active websites:

A passive website, your electronic calling card, is easily to maintain; you can add up-to-date news. We deliver a standard template and the necessary tools to add content too the website or alter the content. 

Do you want to employ your website as an active sales channel?
An active website offers your customers an easy and fast solution for their purchases. It saves time, is customer-friendly and your are available 24/7. 

Some functionalities of an active website:

  • The e-commerce website offers the ability to select based on item characteristics.
  • All the data on the e-commerce website is managed in Lisa ERP. Security decisions related to which content is visible on the website are made in Lisa ERP.
  • Real-time information such as stocks, assortments, prices, etc. is retrieved directly from Lisa ERP. Less dynamic information such as product specs, images, etc. are synchronised with the website at regular intervals (this can be adjusted).
  • Your customers can request personal information online, including the status of their orders, outstanding invoices, order confirmations, transport documents, paid invoices, etc.
  • When placing an order online, your representative logs in and chooses a customer. Customers can also log into your website. An order for a customer with several delivery addresses is possible. Then they place their orders online. Orders are processed completely automatically via order entry with Lisa ERP. Order processing is converted from a labour-intensive process to a modern and efficient process. 

Clear communication
Transparency leads to better customer relations.
We work with a phased and structured system. Consulting is important. These contacts give the necessary feedback to build a site that suits your needs; you are closely involved in the entire process, from the start to delivery of the website.
Why chose a CCE web solution?
We offer one contact for your IT infrastructure, financial package, ERP package, Business Intelligence software and your website. We integrate your e-commerce website with the Lisa ERP package.

the optimum finance & ERP software
Integrated, completely modular, contemporary & user-friendly accounting package.