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Sharepoint 2010
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Sharepoint 2010

CCE is constructing the platform of the future around LISA ERP

Every company needs structures, procedures, company style and agreements. Companies
also benefit from shared knowledge and experience.

That's why CCE invest in this SharePoint technology and builds a new platform,
a new dimension around the LISA ERP application.

One product, one interface, one structure, one procedure, one company style, one platform.

 1.  Intranet site

a. Official corporate documents like labour rules & diverse policies
b. Diverse internal corporate publications
c. Development environment

i. Functional help
ii. Technical help

d. Structured internal management of all possible documents
e. Interface & integration with Outlook

 2.  Internet site with active components

a. Catalogue on the corporate website with online connection to the LISA database
b. Customers can consult status of orders
c. Inputting of orders via the Internet by customers & representatives

3.  Setting up Document Management Flows

a. Approval flows

i. Approval suppliers order
ii. Approval scanned purchase invoices

b. Diverse holiday requests

i. Holiday requests
ii. etc.

4.  Documents generated in the ERP package can be published automatically in the SharePoint environment via link in the LISA ERP package. That way these documents can be visualised in the accounting in e.g. open posts or consultation general accounts as well as in the purchasing & sales module of the LISA ERP package.

a. Outgoing documents

i. Sales invoices
ii. Order confirmation
iii. Scanned & signed dispatch slip

b. Scanned purchasing invoices

5.  KPIs in the LISA ERP package, a few examples

a. Financial KPIs

i. Terms of payment, evolution
ii. Turnover & margin
iii. etc.

b. Logistical KPIs

i. Terms of delivery
ii. Stock breaches
iii. etc.



the optimum finance & ERP software
Integrated, completely modular, contemporary & user-friendly accounting package.